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Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure ManagementA full-service technology firm, Vision Technologies (Vision) is committed to the highest quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction. Our attention to detail and best practices for infrastructure design, installation and maintenance enable us to develop world-class turnkey systems in virtually any type of environment. We have successfully partnered with companies and government agencies around the world to improve business through technology. Vision meets complex business requirements by designing and implementing industry compliant designs and supporting IT infrastructures, telephony, and structured cabling.

Our Infrastructure Management Services include:

  • Customer call centers/help desks
  • Desktop management
  • Structured cabling
  • National rollouts
  • On-site support
  • Mission critical facility management
  • Storage solutions
  • Server management and consolidation
  • Network operations, management and remote access
  • Wireless design, implementation and support
  • Messaging support
  • Data center support services
  • Asset management

Our Approach & Benefits

Our team of project managers, certified infrastructure engineers, networking consultants, and cabling experts work together to offer the full suite of IT solutions. The Vision team focuses on every aspect of an IT infrastructure including physical layer, LAN/WAN services, customer management, automation, virtualization and consolidation, and asset management to:

  • Provide system enhancements and consolidation to reduce costs and carbon footprints
  • Leverage “lessons-learned” from numerous environments and projects
  • Implement best practices metrics and performance measurements
  • Install stable, robust and scalable infrastructure to meet current and future mission requirements
  • Facilitate task automation to reduce manpower requirements

drop-arrow   Mission Critical Facilities Management

Vision provides innovative consulting and full-service solutions for commercial facilities and information technology data centers. The Vision team integrates information technology, professional services, and mission critical facility management experience to exceed solutions offered by other IT consulting or construction management firms.

Vision provides design services, project management, installation, and appropriate testing and documentation for your entire project. In addition, our rack, cage, and cabling infrastructure services can be used on a standalone basis. Our data center and facility management service capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure and building audits
  • Site analysis and due diligence
  • Design services
  • Mission critical consulting services
  • Cable infrastructure services
  • End-to-end facility management
  • Building and site management systems
  • Commercial automation
  • Rack, cage, and cabling services
  • Wireless in-house solutions
  • Security services such as CCTV, monitoring, access control

drop-arrow   Storage Solutions

Storage SolutionsThe Vision Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions encompass storage systems, switches, servers, management software, multi-protocol support, services and other storage network components. Vision integrates multiple vendor server, storage, SAN switch and software components into solution templates that have been extensively tested to provide high availability, scalability, security, and simplicity of management.

Our Business Continuity solutions consist of data protection with shared local or remote tape library technology; disk storage with point-in-time copy technology; automated backup and recovery software; disaster tolerance with disk storage mirroring technologies; and SAN fabric extension technologies which can provide metro and global distance solutions.

The following are benefits to Vision SAN solutions:

  • Enable enterprises to implement the right disaster recovery/business continuance plan for their businesses without being hindered by cost
  • Eliminate the high-cost barrier normally associated with high-quality storage connectivity
  • Reduce recurring bandwidth costs by up to 70%
  • Lower capital cost (elimination of switches/routers, software tunable equipment)
  • Increase performance (low latency, high throughput, detailed monitoring)

Our SANs solutions reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing downtime, improving performance, and optimizing server and storage configurations. Our range of networking options includes both FibreChannel and iSCSI configurations and solutions.

drop-arrow   Wireless Design, Implementation & Support

High-performance wireless is the foundation for transforming business with mobility—providing employees with the tools to communicate and collaborate anywhere, any time. Vision brings wireless networking to high traffic public areas such as airport terminals, convention centers, hotels, shared offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, auditoriums and classrooms. Our enhanced authentication and security provides access to authorized users, while preventing snoops, interlopers and freeloaders with access. Additionally, our comprehensive security can confidently deploy wireless technology for use in sensitive corporate applications. End users get convenient, high-speed access, while you maintain management control and total peace of mind.

Our Wireless Design, Implementation and Support services include:

  • Enterprise WiFi Access and Hotspots
  • Guest access solutions
  • WiFi For business services (VoIP, CCTV, hand held scanners, point of sale/POS, digital signage, etc.)
  • Multi-service mesh networks
  • Outdoor broadband wireless/WiFi
  • Point-to-point wireless
  • Point-to-multi-point wireless
  • Wireless video surveillance
  • In-building cellular solutions
  • WiFi cellular boost/signal enhancement/amplifiers repeaters installation
  • Public safety solutions
  • RFID

Utilizing industry-standard wireless networking, Vision’s wireless systems connect to your PCs without the hassle of cables. With a well established history in wireless communications and converged voice and data networking, Vision delivers wireless Local Area Networks (wLANs) solutions suited to every environment from the simplest applications to offices, schools, campuses and metropolitan wireless networks.

Vision delivers highly secure, high-bandwidth, long-range communication to public spaces and security-sensitive applications that:

  • Increase productivity
    • Access network, information, and applications wherever you are
    • Access voice over WLAN, guest access, and context-aware services
    • Access network resources in real time
  • Safeguard your network
    • Maintain consistent user identity
    • Secure and manage the network as a business asset
    • Ensure business continuity, overcome threats, and facilitate regulatory compliance
    • Vision provides FIPS 140-2 Compliant systems for enhanced wireless security
  • Enable virtual collaboration
    • Provide employees access to their team wherever they are
    • Support data, voice, and video communications with one integrated network
    • Collaborate with a variety of mobile devices
  • Provide 802.11n scalable performance
    • Address the wave of mobile client devices entering the network
    • Speed up wireless transactions with performance up to 169 percent faster than wireless from other vendors
    • Seamlessly integrate with your existing wired topology
  • Set your assets in motion
    • Analyze mobile assets and their users to improve productivity
    • Gather contextual information to make better business decisions
    • Detect and mitigate interference or security threats
  • Provide secure, high-speed access
    • Enhance public safety and information access

Connect fixed and mobile applications across metropolitan areas
Link campus and branch offices at a lower cost

Our industry-standard wireless networking solutions are firmly based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11a/b/g /x (WiFi compliant) standard for wireless LANs. We provide robust, reliable connectivity and the high performance of wired LANs, with the flexibility, mobility, and low cost of wireless.

Deployment of a wireless network can be complicated and require careful planning. Vision wireless experts are ready to evaluate your business requirements and objectives and conduct a site survey to determine possible sources of interference, compatibility issues with existing equipment and possible security risks. Based on the complexity of your network and the size of your facility, our engineers plan, design and implement the wireless network solution right for your needs.

Vision conducts physical site surveys of your premises to locate the ideal locations to install access points and ensure 100% wireless coverage and optimum performance. We perform a radio frequency (RF) test to determine the behavior of radio waves within your facility, as obstacles such as doors, walls, elevator shafts and personnel may result in an irregular and unpredictable radio frequency pattern. The RF test also detects any radio interference from other sources that could negatively affect the performance of the wireless LAN. Based on the findings of the site survey and RF test, we are able to determine the optimal number and placement of the access points.

Site survey services include:

  • Verification of proposed equipment room
  • Identification of transmission access point
  • Selection of a suitable radio unit to meet the capacity requirements
  • Antenna system design
  • Active test measurements to comply with the signal strength requirements in the predefined areas
  • Link budget calculations based on estimates of feeders, power splitters and couplers to be deployed
  • Identification of cable routing
  • Verification of the cable routing
  • In-Building Design proposal based on the output from the RF and engineering survey, which details:
    • Building information
    • Equipment type and materials required
    • Distributed Antenna System diagram
    • Coverage indication
    • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations
    • Proposed feeder route

drop-arrow   Access Points - WLAN Installation

Vision integrates the WiFi system into your current network, installs all the required wireless equipment, and certifies its operation. Our structured cabling team ensures certain that all cabling and power runs are installed and tested prior to the installation of access points.

WLAN Installation Access Points services include:

  • Access points mounting
  • Physical security enclosure installation, as needed
  • Antenna mounting
  • Connecting antennas to access points, backbone LAN to access points and power to access points
  • Remote power system installation and connection
  • Coverage verification
  • Access points and hardware connections
    • Proper firmware level
    • Radio information (ssid, channel, bit rate)
    • IP addresses
  • Network connectivity verification

Vision delivers in-building wireless coverage solutions specifically designed for your environment and application. We design, install and service carrier certified in-building solutions and ensure reliability, quality and optimum performance. Vision provides affordable and scalable wireless applications including cellular, PCs, two-way radio, Blackberry, and WiFi solutions that maximize your investment.

The materials used to meet today’s high safety and energy-efficient building standards can impair wireless signals, resulting in low-quality signals, dropped connections, and dead spots in office buildings, parking garages, and airports. We identify and address these coverage issues with solutions that ensure seamless voice and data connectivity anywhere in your facility. We have successfully completed installations for a variety of industries in facilities ranging in size from 25,000 to over 1 million square feet, including:

  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing and high tech facilities
  • Data centers
  • Safety/government office
  • Campuses
  • Hospitals/healthcare centers
  • Warehouses/convention centers
  • Malls/retail complexes
  • Gaming facilities
  • Public safety systems

drop-arrow   In-Building Cellular & Distribution Antenna Systems (DAS) Services

In today’s increasing cellular world, poor reception in office buildings, parking garages and airports frustrates mobile workers who need seamless wireless coverage to work efficiently and effectively. Low quality signals, dropped connections, and lack of coverage decrease productivity for users and create churn for wireless service providers. True work mobility requires a workplace with comprehensive cellular coverage. Addressing these problems results in enhanced efficiency, customer gain and revenue growth. Vision’s In-Building Cellular solutions enable comprehensive voice connectivity.

Our distributed antenna systems feature a "Wire-it-Once" backbone architecture. This innovative infrastructure provides unlimited service upgrades and allows future service additions without the need to rewire the distribution system. Most importantly, with our broadband backbone network, new services or new wireless service providers can be added without any impact on existing service providers.

Cellular Reinforcement and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Services include:

  • Detailed RF Design and Site Survey
    • Survey includes:
      • Verification of the proposed equipment room
      • Selection of a suitable frequency module to meet the customer’s capacity requirements
      • Distributed Antenna system design
      • Active measurements. Test measurements to comply with the signal strength requirements in the predefined areas
      • Link budget calculations based on estimates of feeders, power splitters and couplers to be deployed
      • Identification of cable routing
      • Verification of the cable routing
    • Survey Deliverable includes:
      • Building information
      • Equipment type and materials required
      • Distributed Antenna System diagram
      • Coverage indication
      • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations
      • Proposed feeder route
  • Installation Site Survey
    • Survey includes:
      • Feeder routing
      • Antenna location and placement
      • Location of the head end equipment
      • Civil works
      • Power
      • Transmission
    • Survey Deliverable includes:
      • The output from the Installation Site Survey may result in an updated design proposal
  • Installation of DAS:
    • Installation may include:
      • Equipment Ordering
      • Equipment Pre staging and Configuration
      • Installation and test of the Distributed Antenna network
      • Installation of the head end equipment
      • Integration and turn up of head end equipment
      • Coordination with Cellular Carriers for design approval and validation for system turn on
      • Tidying up of the work area

drop-arrow   In-building Cellular FAQs

Q. What Is In-Building Cellular?
A. Sometimes referred to as Cellular Reinforcement or DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems); in-building cellular refers to the technology that enables the rebroadcast of cellular, PCs and other RF signals within a building.

Q. How Does In-Building Cellular Work?
A. Vision installs antennas on the roof of your building and aims them at “donor” cell towers. Through a combination of fiber optic cable, coaxial cable and in-building antennas, we amplify and distribute those signals within your space and coordinate with your carrier to install a micro-cell in your facility if needed.

Q. Do I Need A Separate System For Each Carrier?
A. In-Building Cellular systems vary in capability and complexity. Vision provides a system tailored to your specific need, providing everything from a basic repeater-type system to complex distributed antenna systems capable of carrying multiple carriers. So the answer is “maybe.” We offer systems that support multiple carriers on a single antenna system as well as targeted solutions for individual services.

Q. If This System Can Support Multiple Carriers, Can I Use It For My WiFi (802.11) Networking Too?
A. Yes! We offer several systems that will support wireless networking for voice/data on that single distributed antenna system. Benefits include fewer access points, secure access points in the telecommunications rooms, and lower maintenance costs and management overhead.

Q. Is This Legal?
A. Most definitely! You will need to notify your carrier(s) that you are installing an in-building cellular system as you will utilize additional bandwidth on the “donor” cell tower. Based on our experience with in-building cellular system installations, Vision has established solid working relationships with carriers and assists in streamlining the process.

Partners – 802.11 WiFi

  • Cisco
  • Aruba
  • Meru
  • Firetide

Partners – In-building Cellular

  • Andrew
  • CommScope
  • SpotWave
  • MobileAccess
  • Motorola
  • Cellular Specialties
  • G-Wave

drop-arrow   Messaging Support

Messaging Support - Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Standard EditionVision can put the control back in your hands by helping you host your own messaging environment. Vision’s Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers work with you to determine your requirements and then map out a plan to get you current and keep you current. Security and remote access functionality make Exchange 2003 the best email system yet!

Our Messaging Support services include:

  • Exchange 2003 SP2 installation, upgrades, migrations, and integration with your existing messaging platform
  • Exchange Front-End/Back-End setups for secure access
  • Exchange Clustering, and Failover
  • "Blackberry Enterprise Server” and “GoodLink for Exchange Server” integration
  • Outlook Web Access (now looks even more like Outlook 2003!), POP3, and IMAP
  • RPC over HTTP that allows secure connections to your Exchange server when you open Outlook, just as if you were in your office. No special ports required.
  • Exchange Server Intelligent Message Filter and Sender ID.
  • Mobile Device synchronization through Exchange ActiveSync technology.

drop-arrow   Data Center Support Services

Vision sets the bar for Data Center support, from the initial design through installation and on-site support. Our team of industry-certified experts have decades of experience in Data Centers. We support co-location and managed services facilities, corporate and government data centers, telecoms and ASPs. We understand the requirements of mission-critical environments, designing your environment from the sys admin requirements up through N+1 capabilities. Vision understands that your mission is critical!

We provide end-to-end data center operations to migrate, process, maintain, and meet the information processing needs of our clients. The value of outsourcing data center operations is the capacity, capability, and reliability our services provide to meet business needs. Through remote host operations and on-site models, we provide secure and reliable data center operations, consolidation and migration.

Mission critical facility services include:

  • Data center design, operations, and migration services (virtual and physical)
  • Business continuity, COOP and DR
  • Capacity planning
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Client support services
  • Technology refreshment
  • Virtualization and consolidation (including Green IT) services
  • Disk management services

drop-arrow   Asset Management

Vision has extensive experience with the full life cycle of IT asset management from acquisition to disposal to support the federal arena. We have developed a comprehensive asset management process that provides the detail required to manage and control your agency’s IT assets combined with a tight supply chain managed by a streamlined staff with sophisticated logistics tools. Our process enables you to reduce the number of staging/storage locations, manage inventory dynamically to meet customer demand, and integrate processes to deliver improved performance and consistency.

Our Asset Management services include:

  • Asset inventory
  • Asset tagging
  • Asset reconciliation
  • Data conversion
  • Asset management
  • Training

drop-arrow   Structured Cabling

Vision’s full service Structured Cabling division specializes in providing commercial and industrial Information Transport Systems, BICSI RCDD design personnel, and BICSI certified installation staff. Our depth of experience with technology and project management allows us to provide the highest levels of service and quality at extremely competitive rates. Vision is one of 25 elite companies around the world recognized by BICSI as a Prestige Contractor at the Platinum Level. We maintain a staff of RCDDs, BICSI-certified TPMAs, and certified technicians and installers. All of our personnel receive mandatory continuing education to keep pace with our rapidly changing environment.

Vision offers a comprehensive range of products and services on a nationwide basis. From the design of the structured cable system to installation, testing and documentation, our engineers provide the services you need for a successful installation. We provide voice/data/video cabling systems transmitting up to 10G to the desktop to data center infrastructure services which include detailed engineering to complete installation build. We ensure that all documentation and test data is properly managed and maintained, so that we can quickly respond to service requests and trouble tickets.

All of our Data Center projects are delivered in accordance with TIA-942 “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.” Additionally, with certifications from major manufacturers, our cable plant installations are warranted for up to 25 years. Manufacturer’s warranty parts and labor, as well as the ability of our installation to support your applications!

Our team of project managers, certified infrastructure engineers, RCDDs, networking consultants, and cabling experts work together to offer the full suite of networking solutions. A Vision Project Team focuses on every aspect of your technological build out including physical layer, inside and outside plant, LAN, WAN, circuits, Intranet, Internet, automation, multimedia entertainment systems, and applications.

drop-arrow   National Rollouts

National RolloutsThe Vision Global Services division combines the capabilities and experience of Vision's Program Management with the diverse skill sets of our partners, allowing us to offer partnered service packages on a national and international basis. By combining the best program and project management practices with PMI certified project managers, we provide you with a rollout solution that will reduce costs, deliver maximum value and drive additional revenue and profits to your bottom line.

Our in-process quality control programs and weekly status reports ensure smooth delivery. Our project teams provide regular updates and post project status reports to your management tools or ours. Vision’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction means you get a committed workforce, managed by a professional, trained team.

Over the past 12 years, we have developed a network of partners experienced in international rollouts that span north and South America, using our time tested Vision Partners (VP) Program. The VP Program is a formalized qualification and contractor-management discipline, implemented to assure consistent standardized performance.

VP Partners around the world maintain a well-defined set of industry certifications, adhere to continuing education guidelines, and undergo quarterly review and evaluation. VP Partners maintain multiple certifications, from BICSI certified installers, technicians and RCDDs to Microsoft Certified System Engineers, UNIX certifications and Cisco engineers at every level. All VP Partners practice standard global networks service procedures to achieve consistent quality and workmanship for every installation.


Federal Clients

At Vision Technologies (Vision), we recognize the value of doing the job right, the first time. Our execution culture fosters the spirit of customer service, and the result is satisfied customers who are willing to share their experiences with you. Here's a partial list of our satisfied customer accounts:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Deposit & Insurance Corporation
  • U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

If you'd like a referral from any of these accounts, please contact us and we'll forward the information!

Federal Services List

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